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We create & build
brands and digital identities
through video and motion graphics.

Opkat Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics combines the elements of infographics and video to create content marketing treasures. Infographics were the prize for a while because they allowed marketers to take a lot of information and morph it into pleasing visuals. Motion Graphics turns this up to 11. We can take the visuals that made infographics so exciting and turn them into videos. We add a voice over to ensure a cohesive message is expressed and background music is layered in to amplify a mood. The end product, is an engaging, informative piece of content marketing, ready for social media.
Opkat Video Editing

Video Editing

Editing video can be done by anyone with phone and an app. Editing video well takes the right tools and experience. Video editing shouldn't just be about stitching together clips or photos in a timeline. It entails a well thought out plan that uses video (and/or images), motion, color, effects, transitions, voice, sound effects and music to create a unique, engaging result.
Graphic and Media Curation Services

Digital Curation

Do you have content marketing strategy in mind, but are not sure how to get there? We can help curate your ideas from graphic and media selection, right through to choosing music and sound effects.

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